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I feel that at times we stuck too tightly to these ways of life
"I feel that at times we stuck too tightly to these ways of life, many of WOW WOTLK Classic Gold which were instilled in us by our old bosses--many of them founders or members of the team, of the importance of the investment in your character and character as the lens through which you view all the things in this universe," Hazzikostas said. "Increasingly, what we've been receiving from the players is you know what, I view the world from my perspective as a person sitting behind the keyboard, and I've tried this questline which I thoroughly enjoyed initially, but I'm not going back to this again. And if you push me feel like I'm not going to desire to play the character in any way."

This is the point at which patch 9.1.5's various alt-specific changes come in. Players will finally be able to skip the expansion's introduction questline if they've already completed it with a different character. Those who have reached the maximum reputation with a Covenant can freely jump between Covenants on other characters. Players will also have the option of leveling up while in the expansion's roguelite or dungeon Torghast.

"Whereas in the past, we would approach the majority of decisions from a character to determine the starting point, and later making that were account-wide unlocks, in the context of achievements, cosmetics, or other things I'm convinced that today we are asking the question in regard to every almost reward, every piece of content: is it something that holds up for multiple plays?" he added. "Is this something that's likely to feel significantly different on another person?"

As for why some of these changes, like being able to switch from Covenants and the elimination of Conduit Energy took so long, despite being long criticized by fans of all kinds, Hazzikostas said it came due to the initial desire for players to have semi-permanent options that were similar to World of Warcraft Classic talent trees. He admits that some changes to the systems could be more swift, but the list of advantages for buy WOTLK Classic Gold more permanent options grew shorter because players were feeling more and more constrained by Shadowlands's systems in the weeks following the launch of the expansion.

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